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"Breast Cancer, an Emotional Journey" by bestselling
author Margaret Phalor Barnhart is now available.


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“I’ll accept what is, I’ll live for today, I’ll walk through the rainbow and add color wherever I can.”

Life’s journey sent Margaret “Marge” Barnhart on a search for identity and control when she was devoured by breast cancer and its treatment.

Marge married Charles Barnhart in 1992. They have lived in Tucson, Arizona, since 1998, where the blue skies and warmer climate are kind to their well-being.

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Bestselling Books by Margaret Barnhart

“Experiencing cancer is a painful process, both physically and emotionally. Margaret Barnhart’s book filled my heart with joy and made me know that life’s journey has been paved and made ready by God. Her brilliance, through poetry, has helped to make each day’s journey more joyful for me.”

Zora Kramer Brown
Founder and Chairperson
Breast Cancer Resource Committee
Washington, D.C.